The Southern Express Band

When y’all get a hankerin’ for some good old southern music, check out Southern Express, the Midwest's hardest hittin', ass-kickin'-est southern rock band!

Decades ago, six guys were born with a particular purpose. This purpose wasn't to reveal itself for many years, although many of the life experiences of these guys were instrumental (no pun intended...ok, maybe just that one!) in their preparation .

The Southern Express Band is that purpose. The first time these guys got together, the music flowed out as if they had been playing together for years. The resulting enthusiasm has prompted them to put together an awesome catalog of pure southern rock, featuring the icons of the genre...Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Allman Brothers, Molly Hatchet, ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Charlie Daniels, Marshall Tucker, Kentucky Headhunters, and more, all for your enjoyment.

These six peeps are a tight group, both musically and socially, and their gigs are an extension of that closeness, offered to family, friends, and fans alike in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.

Set List

Dreams I'll Never See - Hatchet

Trudy - CDB

Workin' Man Blues -Haggard

Southbound -Allmans

Keep Your Hands To Yourself- Satellites

Blue Sky-A.llmans

Balinese - ZZ Top

Stranglehold- Nugent

All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight - Hank Jr.

Ramblin' Man-Allmans

Free Bird- Skynyrd

Takin' Care of Business - BTO

Tush - ZZ Top

Everytime I Roll TheDice - DelbertMcClinton

Good Clean Fun-Allmans

Can't You See?-Marshal Tucker Band

Gimme Back My Bullets-Skynyrd

Workin' For MCA-Skynyrd

House Is Rockin'-Stevie Ray

Whiskey Rock a Roller-Skynyrd

I'll Be Runnin'-Hatchet

What's Your Name?-Skynyrd

Call Me The Breeze-Skynyrd

Let The Good Times Roll-Hatchet

Gator Country-Hatchet

Midnight Rider-G.Allman

Long Haired Country Boy-CDB

Bounty Hunter-Hatchet

Poison Whiskey-Skynyrd

Gimme Three Steps-Skynyrd

That Smell- Skynyrd

One Way Out-Allmans

Statesboro Blues-Allmans

You Got That Right-Skynryd

I Know A Little-Skynyrd

LaGrange-ZZ Top

Just Got Paid-ZZ Top

There Goes Another Love Song-Outlaws

South's Gonna Do It Again- CDB

Smokin' In The Boys Room- Brownsville Station

It's All Over Now-Hatchet

Sweet Home Alabama-Skynyrd

I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide-ZZ Top

Trust Your Old Friend-Hatchet

On The Hunt-Skynyrd

Trashy Women-Confederate R.R.

Dumas Walker-Headhunters

Tube Snake Boogie-ZZ Top

Hey Baby-Ted Nugent

Walk Away-James Gang