The Bad Campers

The Bad Campers

Jason - Lead singer

Founding member since 2008, Jason is a true entertainer. He cannot stand still on stage, he must go out into the crowd and get the people involved. He works hard at keeping the band hyped up through the night. His singing style is of pure soul, power, grit, and joy for music. Give him a bar to dance on and he’ll make it a show you’ll never forget.

Graham - Drummer

Founding member since 2008, Graham has never been the traditional country drummer. Graham started playing drums for a Christian Metal band before starting theBadCampers. Graham’s unique rock style can keep the band/crowds energy at a high throughout the night.

Allen - Bass

Allen joined the band in 2013, Graham and Allen played in a worship band on and off and quickly formed a relationship. Allen has a very technical style of bass playing, not short of using every fret on his bass. He drives the band, sings songs, and sometimes tosses his hair back to rock out.

Matt - Lead Guitar

Matt joined theBadCampers in 2016 after a break from his last band Matt found a home with theBadCampers. Matt’s background is heavy metal/rock music. He is well versed in high powered solos but can kick up a rocking country lick with the best of them. Matt is a true showman and musician, his creativity keeps the band moving forward.

Brett - Utility Player/ Sound Man

Brett has been with the band since 2012. He started off as the sound and lights guy, but then out of nowhere, he showed us he could play guitar, harmonica, fiddle and more. Now for the past two years, Brett has been key to our show with lights/sound/ and all-around utility player.

The BadCampers have been going hard since 2008. Formed in Shevlin MN, the band has been entertaining Northern MN nearly every weekend for the last 10 years. The band's goal has always been to give its fans a show. This is not your ordinary bar band, we put on a concert for our fans. High energy Northern Country Rock is what you will get. From festivals to bars, to house parties, the BadCampers are open for business. The band has been referred to as Outlaw Country, and we take that as a badge of honor. We are 10 years strong with nearly 600 show and fighting for 1000. We hope we get the chance to entertain for you sometime soon!