Penny and Pals

Penny Andrist and Gail Benson have been in the kid-biz for years, first as teachers in public schools and now as professional speakers and entertainers. Their unique background in education and entertainment enables them to genuinely reach children and adults in both meaningful and playful ways. Together, they have created songs, stories and characters that people readily relate and respond to with the truest kid-like enthusiasm.

Penny & Gail are popular presenters among educators and parents because of their real-life kid experience and practical approach to learning. Known for their genuine warmth, humor and spontaneity, Penny and Gail bring a contagious energy to every workshop. They have composed and recorded six albums of songs they have written for children, two children's videos, a DVD and numerous other commissioned works including theme songs, scripts and curriculum guides. Their prolific writing seems to have a golden touch, as they have received numerous awards for their work:

  • National Parents' Choice Winner(2)

  • National Parent Council Selection

  • Parent's Guide to Children's Media Award

  • National Safety Council First Place Award

  • International Reading Association "Celebrate Literacy" Award

  • International Communicator Award